Skyproxima at the first edition of GITEX for African countries. Morocco knows our potential!!!

The Future Control Room for Skyproxima Fleet

GITEX AFRICA was a time of sharing and learning with so many top companies and professionals. We would like to thank those who came to visit us at the booth and the people with whom we had the opportunity to discuss and tell about our great successes and development goals.

We are sure of the interest we aroused and below we help you with a summary of who we are and what we can do for you. We remain available to initiate important synergies and to build together a space future from a present full of novelties and technologies.

SKYPROXIMA is able to start up the entire platform (vertiports, facilities and evtol) AAM for health logistics services, classic logistics, surveillance, and control operations using and developing AI models in addition to organizing the entire flow for precision agriculture.
A centralized system with command control room, dedicated air corridors and new logistics development models (Acquired GAMI Certification for the Saudi Arabian market).

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) compared to traditional aviation is: cheaper; quieter; more versatile; greener; does not require much infrastructure; can operate in urban airspace; geared toward strengthening the point-to-point logistics model in urban and especially for long distances

Our vertical services:

Skyproxima in partnership with Urban-Air Port will manage the integration of the Vertiport with storage systems for general goods, medicines, blood products and organs; Variable size with CRF of 5 meters to over 50 meters; Can be installed on roofs, dedicated pitches and marine surfaces.

We are part of the unique standard protocol for medical transport (organs, blood, pharmaceuticals and laboratory samples) between hospitals, laboratories and hard-to-reach facilities, authorized and included in National Strategic Plan

Automated system with drones for night and daily surveillance to replace patrols; integration of thermal cameras and AI models (ASC27 s.r.l.) for identifying recurring situations; removal of intruders with integration of megaphone warning and bright light beam.

Skyproxima in partnership with Primo Principio
offer a solution for the water and land optimization and agricultural crops monitoring and advanced management using aerial data captured by drone with 12/18 hours flight capabilities.

We can map large areas with aircraft that can fly up to 14 hours continuously, and we can handle photogrammetric returns with centimeter accuracy. With the use of blockchain technologies we provide the client with legalized and unchangeable data. By integrating AI detection technologies we can detect squatting, temporal changes and any required event.

We now look forward to a space collaboration

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